Blog - Wildlife In Action

Fallow Deer
Despite it being a dull, cloudy and damp day I thought I would try to photograph some Fallow Deer at my local deer park. Unfortunately I was not having much success with the photos and was about to give up and go home when I came across this sweet moment that I managed to capture on video.

Gone Fishing
Whilst the sun was setting I spotted this Little Egret trying to get an evening meal by doing a strange 'dance' in the water.

I can only assume that it was trying to find fish hiding in the sediment by feeling with its feet and dislodging the seabed.

The Sound Of The Marsh Frogs
When I heard this sound for the first time I was scratching my head as to what it could be, but after some research discovered it was the sound of the Marsh Frogs. They are quite difficult to spot, but during the mating season you can hear their distinctive sound.

I was able to capture the sound back in May this year whilst walking around the reserve and if you listen carefully the sound of an Avocet too!

A Drop In The Ocean
On the 9th June 2012 whilst walking along a windy beach, I came across a Herring Gull doing something unusual. So I tried filming it for a few minutes using my camera hand-held. See below...

The gull seemed to have found something interesting and looked like it was trying to crack it open by dropping it from a great height.

After watching it for quite some time I reluctantly had to head home, so never saw if its persistence paid off.